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LMR Email Notifications (Don't call it SPAM if you're too lazy to do this...)

Like most of you, I've noticed that the eMail updates have started again.  I've also noticed a few shouts accusing LMR of "spamming" them.  That's a little unkind, but if you don't want to receive the email updates to every thread you contribute to, it's very easy to change the settings.  

All you have to do is go to your user profile (just click on your name after entering something in the Shout Box or next to your picture on a project or forum post or whatever) and select the "Subscriptions" Tab.  When that page comes up, you'll see an overview chart, and underneath that is what we're interested in: the settings box.  Click on the word settings or the arrow next to it to open it.  In that box you'll see all sorts of options, including what kinds of content you want to be notified of updates to, the frequency of those updates and my favorite, the digest mode (which is subject to frequency settings too.)

In this panel, you can make whatever changes to your update frequency and types you want, including turning them off all together.

Just take control of your membership rather than complaining about "spam."  IMHO, LMR is a community for active thinkers, makers and hackers as opposed to passive helpless Facebook sheep.

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Newbies! (and Karliloy).

What can you do? Can't shoot them (except maybe with a paint pellet gun) and half the time you can't help them.

Kariloy should be shot twice with a paint pellet gun and then shot again just because it's fun :D

Well, thank you very much for this, but I've received about 100 emails today alone from EVERY topic......do you know why?

I like them as they give me an idea of places where someone commented on my comment and in a nut shell, I get link of all places I'd want to visit instantly. So they are not as bad as they are made out to be...


YEAH, baby YEAH!! I've made it into yet another list!! :D

It's been a long journey since I originaly made it into that "trench coat wearing" list :D

You're also into my list of people I'd want my robotic assassins to execute and you are at its top!! :P

Good luck with that endeaveour, because you're going to need lots of it :D

On my behalf I'm pretty sure you're aware that any "SPAM accusing" from my part is just in jest, whimsically :D

Thus, I'm quite aware that those were notifications stuck in the tubes and now are making a deluge in some peeps inboxes ;)


Despite, my own shenanigans I've noticed others (younger -- as in more recent members) that might have been thinking those emails are SPAM (because they might have join at a time posterior *snicker* to the notifications disabling).

So, kids do what Mr Max tells ya if those emails bother you :D

Real SPAM will offer you "useful credit loans" with nice interest rates and whatnot, and it's usely delivered via forum posts that are usely quickly "shot down" :D

~ Hugs & Kisses


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