Let's Make Robots!

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guillermobarbadillo's picture

Nice mini-sumo!

How did you make the tires?

oleglyan's picture

Yes, i didn't write about that yet. 

Polyurithane Shore A20 or A-silicone  2 component casting in a form of cilinder, together with the rim merged. 

Cast Silicone Tires

OllyR's picture

Are we allowed to enquire about the programming, or is it top secret tactical information?

Is it as simple as "turns towards nearest item, and pushes it"?

or do you have other movements in there too?

I may have to look into the world of robot sumo! I imagine you could have a sensor that detects if you are being pushed backwards, and then side steps! AHA, TAKE THAT!

oleglyan's picture

How should I react to your comment?
Everithing is posted at the blog, no secrets.
Any student knows everything about the stuff inside.
Just take a look in the blog and you can find more information, files, methods in optimisation.

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Very good design,