Let's Make Robots!


I felt sorry for this empty forum, so here's a link.



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I am new to the forum but thought I would follow suit here is mine I made it myself and you can tell.....lolbugbot_001.jpg


Hi. What the difference between logic and brains? Is logic when you write a programme and download it on to the micro controller? 

By "Brains" we usually mean a computer of some kind. Mostly a micro controller. But some robots don't use any of that. My bot here for example has some level of "Logical Thinking", but no computer. Unless you'd stretch the definition of the word "computer" far enough to include "two cross linked resistors to two amplifiers".

Which would not be that big a stretch. But it would violate the conventional understanding of most people of what "a computer" is. This device here cannot be reprogrammed without rearranging the electrical connections. That would probably the biggest mental hurdle to jump.

So your robot here has no micro controller, it is hard-wired to do what it does. But do you not need to write a programme on PICAXE for example to be able to operate the servo's? 

But this bot has none. You really should go to the linked page and watch the picture and (the second half of) the video.

Just out of curiosity, why did you pick this post and/or thread to ask this question?

When we say "brains" we are usally mean a microcontroller --I.e. arduino, picaxe, propeller etc.

Logic is well, logic. One uses logic when they say A=B and B=C so A must equal C.

"'I made it myself' - robots with only logic and no brains"

But then again, within this forum, this is just one of the posts. Good question though.

I just picked it because the title was "robots with only logic and no brains" I want to make make a Hexapod and as far as I know it needs a brain