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10 seconds count down using Arduino

Counts down from 9 to 0 and beeps too

This is one of my 1st Arduino projects. Along with Arduino, I've used a seven segmeent led display and a piezzo buzzer. First, it beeps to indicate start. Then, counts down from 9 to 0, beeps three times. Finally, it beeps for the last time but this time the beep lasts longer.

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Awsum man

Thank you dude

Good. Reminds me of the decade counter project we had to do in our Lab using a 555 as pulse generator,and some JK flip flops.

Thank you. By the way, the circuit you said was built by me too but I had used a 555 and a CD4017. Could you say how you used the flip-flops ?

Yeah,I used four flip flops in cascade, i.e. a counter circuit. Found this while googling.

But,it counts up,not down....i.e. it counts from 0 to 9