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Arduino UNO and a pump.... :)

Hi everyone, Am using a vacuum pump in my project; it's 12 VDC operating on 12 W.. This is the one: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10398 I wanted to switch on/off the pump using an arduino UNO. Here are my questions: Is this motor driver the best one to use..? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9670 Also, do I have to use lithium battery or there are alternatives? Thanks a lot...

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I would just use a transistor, a couple resistors, and a diode. Just make sure the transistor can switch the current of the pump.

Like Max and Bird mentioned this is how I would try it too. Needs soldering. Use a digital output from the Arduino to trigger the NPN. Make shure you take a NPN that has an adequate Max Collector Current specified in the datasheet.

Shure you could add a 403 capacitor between the pump + and -. But the schema above is a good start.

You may also have a look at this project. It uses a motor driver. Look in the Further Readings section.


Why not use a relay?