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Howto connect Netduino Plus 2 to a Rover 5 chassis

Hi all,

I'm very interested in creating a robot based on Netduino (because my programming skills are at his best with the use of c#).

Now i would like to connect the netduino (Plus 2?) to a Rover 5 tracked chassis , i have not yet found any documentation or information on the internet about how that should be done, besides that it can be done by watching video's.

My question is, what other hardware do i need (besides a netduino and the rover 5) to make my c# code interact with the Rover 5 chassis, through the Netduino? What is the setup?

Thanks in advance!

Jasper Steenweg

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You will need at least a motor controller to drive the motors. Dagu sells a 4 channel motor controller designed for the Rover 5. For each channel you will need 1 digital output and 1 pwm output (speed control). Of course you can combine the channels of  the 2 wheels on each side so you only need 4 outputs to drive the 4 wheels. Or you just buy the Rover 5 version with 2 motors. The Dagu motor controller also has an analog output which can be used to measure the motor current. It also supports encoders.

I'm not familiar with a Netduino but I use an Arduino Mega 1280 based board on my Rover. At the moment there are 35 pins in use. It's not a bad idea to buy a micro controller with some room for expansion :)

Thanks for the input!

I did some Google searching on Dagu compatibility with Netduino but actually nothing came up... Because the amount of information on the Netduino is a bit limited compared to Arduino i'm thinking of using the same setup as you've got or maybe go for a kit.