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Threat assessment and acknowledgement robot

I found a old digital camera with internal memory, so I was thinking of making a robot that will explore a room, and if it ran into something or gets too close to something, it will take a picture of it. Then when I think it is done I will hook the robot into a computer and withdraw the pictures from the camera and see what it thought was a threat.

 ideas and suggestions?

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This robot will be using cooperative multitasking and several states if triggered:

1. Go in x direction

2. Threat detected?
2a. NO: Go in x direction

2b.Goto 3

3.Sensors tripped?
3a. YES: Take picture, goto 4

3b NO: go in !x direction, then go in 45degree of x

4. Do the following

Sound buzzer

Turn 45degrees


Still thinking of what it will do :)

Well if you want it to show you what it thought was a threat, maybe add an action.

Check to see if object is a threat

no- go back to main program

yes- alarm sounds and goes back to origin

might be fun to try :) 

There's a bot somewhere on this site that does a very similar function.  Just drives around and takes pictures of things it runs into.  Haven't seen it updated in a while, though.

Also, if you're looking for a digital camera, they have kiddie ones or really really cheap-o ones for around 10 bucks at places like Walgreens. 

Lastly, can you go into some more detail on the "threat assessment" aspect?  I find that really interesting and I'm curious to hear what factors you're going to take into account to determine something as a threat or not. 

My thinking exactly. I was going to go with distance, making it quite simple to create a distance sensor that would take a picture of whatever was infront of it or blocking it.

I would first figure out what you want the "threat" to be.

With limits in processing, I would either go with shape, distance, or color.

With shape, you would need to have something to scan and figure out what size/roundness/spikyness. it has.

Color would be easy with an RGB sensor. 

I would add some sort of thermal/heat sensing ability to this as well. Last thing you want is your bot to become Bo-tartar as it heads into the broiler of an oven...

Not really relevant, but tartar would be ground up raw and served with raw egg and perhaps capers. Bot-Flambeau on the other hand, is what happens when an h-bridge attempts to drive motors way to big for it.

 "I ate his RC filter with some Java beans and a nice algorithm."

this camera will not work, it has bad software :(

Anybody want to donate a digital camera?