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Listen, Talk, Move, Navigate

UPDATE 28/12/2013 VIDEO of LEDko playing... macarena http://youtu.be/632UrOgEVBg

VIDEO of LEDko playing the piano: http://youtu.be/OWzvuD2DSA0

LEDко is a robot I've been slowly building since October 2011. I consider it is my first robot I've built that looks like a robot.


  • exists 
  • reacts to voice commands
  • talks and sings
  • can move autonomously and avoid obstacles 
  • follow a line and navigate in a labyrinth
  • do things (it has two hands) 

LEDко has:

  • A Arduino Pro Mega 5V microcontroller from Sparkun
  • 10x5 LED matrix with a second ATMega328 Arduino for scanning
  • EasyVR module for voice recognition speakjet chip for voice synthesis 
  • double gearbox 50:1 
  • 2 hands with 2 servos for each 
  • 2 servos for head movements 
  • SRF05 sonar 
  • Sharp analog distance sensor 
  • 2 digital Sharp distance sensors with 10cm range (used for cliff detection) (note mounted yet) 
  • 3 IR Line sensors 
  • power form a 7.2V 2600mAh NiMH battery pack 


LEDko before

An early photo of LEDko

LEDko's homemade battery


So far LEDko is programmed to respond to various voice commands in Bulgarian (Hello!, How are you, Sing, Say Something, Left, Forward, Go, Grab ....). I've done a few videos of it speaking but I haven't uploaded the yet.

LEDко's history:

  • __.09.2011 - First drawing of LEDко
  • 05.10.2011 - First component delievery (120 LEDs)
  • __.10.2011 - The LED matrix is ready
  • 24.07.2012 - First steps (revolutions?)
  • 25.07.2012 - LEDко can navigate alone

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I believe as you do, that a robot should be entertaining. Good, original work. Keep it up

You made something very impressive for a robot with minimal hardware. btw, what arduino library that you use for natural language processing ?