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question about batteries "current draw"


sorry if this is a noob question :D

suppose that i have 2x AA batteries "1000 mAh each one", can i attach to them a component that draws 1500 mA, or i am limited to 1000 mA, i mean am i limited to the current that one battery can provide "1000 mAh" or to the sum of the current of all batteries "2000 mAh"?

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The mAh rating is how much power it can store, not how much current it can deliver.

Have a look at this site, it has a lot of information about batteries of all different types.


Otherwise you might want to google batteries.

"Battery University?!" seems like i was wrong, batteries are not that simple after all, very informative website, thanks for sharing this :)

The 1000mAh specification of the batteries means that if you draw 1000mA, the batteries will be depleted in 1 hour.
If from the same battery you draw 1500mA then the battery will be depleted faster (something close to 40 minutes).
If you draw 500mA then the battery will last longer (something close to 120 minutes).


this is really helpful, thanks so much :)

The capacity depends if the AA batteries are in series or in parallel. In series the capacity would be 1000mAh, in parallel 2000mAh.

but this leads to another question, what is better? connecting in series or in parallel?

If you connect in series, it doubles the voltage but current remains the same. If you connect in parallel then it doubles the current but voltage remains the same.

this is very useful info, thank you so much :)