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Why is the LMR website so slow now?

At first I thought that the slow response was due to the latest upgrade of LMR but it has been like this for the last weeks and months. 

I’m using the latest Crome browser and it still takes 20-30 seconds to get to the homepage. Every next link I follow takes about 15-20 seconds.

With this response time I can’t really be bothered with LMR anymore.

Is it only here in Norway or does the rest of you get a good response time?

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Same in Australia. It has been frustrating. Page loading times at least as slow as yours and Shoutbox is ridiculous.
I'd been wondering same if it was just on my end.
I'm using firefox but I don't think it's a browser issue.

yep it's slow


Here in Switzerland it took about 20 seconds from the click on the link to this forum until this page showed up.

The image upload was fast as usual. Just page loading is like back in the days. 

The other day I has hanging around here and LMR had a slow reaction time. Hugo showed up to look for something and noticed it was really slow too. After slaying a spider, LMR was as fast as it had ever been, (although Hugo forgot what he was originally going to look up :P). Maybe they have returned?

Have to concur - Since the 'upgrade' it has been really slow, so bad I nearly havn't bothered some days.

I'm new here. I'm in Canada and this site is extremely slow to load new pages.

At first I thaugh it was related to the proxy I'm "forced" to use, but now I can see that it's the same everywhere

In Shanghai the same, 20 seconds loading time till the page is done. I did not realize this because I am always pre-open some pages by hitting thre link with the middle mouse button to avoid waiting....now I did it the traditional way and saw the slow speed too.

Same in Canada Toronto.

Wow - bad - thanks for letting us know.

We are so focused on v4, that we have not realized this, and I thought things where cool now. Personally my ISP has recently been purchased by another company, and in the transition phase everything is strange and slow, so I thought that was the reason.

We'll look at it, sorry for the slow site!