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Why is the LMR website so slow now?

At first I thought that the slow response was due to the latest upgrade of LMR but it has been like this for the last weeks and months. 

I’m using the latest Crome browser and it still takes 20-30 seconds to get to the homepage. Every next link I follow takes about 15-20 seconds.

With this response time I can’t really be bothered with LMR anymore.

Is it only here in Norway or does the rest of you get a good response time?

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Just got word from Hugo: I knew he was fighting "spiders" (evil stuff on the Internet), and he tells me this is the problem.

We might try and ask you guys to help us, just like you are already keeping the site free of spam. We will get back.

I am happy to note that we FINALLY nailed this!!!

And this time it's a permanent solution! (not like last time wt thought we had it fixed and it turned out we just closed out most of our visitors - oops - the site went slow again when people returned)

This time we found the right things to optimize and itøs done. CPU on one server was always at 100% over several years.. - it's now relaxing at some 20-30 %.

That's how it is when you have to do it yourself ;) But we managed. Finally :)

Well done and I hope we dudes here in China will benefit from that high speed too :-)