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Burnt Project Board / Need help

I recently attempted a go at the "Start Here" and ran into some problems pretty fast, 

as beginners, my freind and I burnt the 4 holes on the board that control the 2 motors, and when i say burnt i mean that the pins dont even solder properly anymore, ontop of that even if u can get it soldered too the board by using alot of solder, the pins just don't work, they have no connection. We know this because we continued on to the build and got to the programming, and the servo works, the distance sensor works, just the wheels dont work.

Any solutions? and buying a new board is our last option

i was thinking maybe we can try rewiring the board so that we can get a connection from our motors to the place they need to go, or maybe moving the chip onto a breadboard and trying to recreate our board frmo scratch, but i can't find any information to either of these solutions.

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You might can solder wires to the pins on the chip and to someplace the board isn't damaged.  A good close up picture or two of both sides of the board would help you get better advice.  As it is, I am guessing as to which parts are damaged or how the rework should be done.