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Again: Hardware not found on COMX


I'm writing here, because i have been reading a lot of topics, and I can't still solve my problem (Sorry for my English... I'm not native).


I have a PICAXE-28 Starter Pack with the AXE027 usb and the PIC16F886 chip

Also, I have 3 AA batteries 1.5V (non-rechargable)

All of these items were bought in PICAXE:


The topics that I have read are:








Well, my "issue" is: I cannot download any code to chip.

I decided attach some pictures... So, you can see what I mean.

Ohhh, almost forgot... My OS is Windows 7.


Version Board


Version Board

Program Editor PORT

Device Manager PORT


Batteries test

Battery test


Plug Test (usb port test + led ON)

usb plug on


Plug Test (usb port test + led OFF)

usb plug off


Download circuit test

usb circuit off


Download circuit test (zoom)

usb circuit zoom


Pins test (following picaxe manual instructions: "TEST ON ACTUAL CHIP V+ and 0V pins with a multimeter")

(Pin # 8 - Ground ) // (Pin # 20 - Positive)

test pins on


Pins test (zoom)

test pin zoom


The Picaxe manual (pdf) says:


Download Checklist

PICAXE microcontroller

• Is the correct PICAXE chip correctly inserted in socket (I think it's ok)

• Is a PICAXE chip (not blank un-programmed PIC chip) being used (I think the website would not fool me, right?).

• Is a damaged PICAXE chip being used (chip has had over-voltage o reverse power supply applied) (I think it's ok, I always use

3 AA batteries alcaline 1.5V non-rechargable)

• Is a smooth 4.5V to 5.5V DC supply correctly connected. TEST ON ACTUAL CHIP V+ and 0V pins with a multimeter! (I think it's ok, the last 2 pictures show that)

• Is the reset pin connected to V+ via 4.7k resistor (18 / 28 / 40 pin chips)       (I don't know)

• Is the correct 3 pin resonator connected if required (28 / 40 pin chips)        (I don't know)

• Are the serial download 10k/22k resistors correctly connected.         (I don't know)



I have installed the usb controller, about two times... one from CD (.zip) and one from file of picaxe website (.exe).

I will hope that anyone can help me.




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No Luck on this I am guessing?

One way to approach this is to get another board and 28X1 chip.  You can then try the new board and chip and if they work great.  At that point you can swap parts around to see if your original board is bad or your original chip is bad.  If the new board and chip don't work then I would be suspicious of your cable next.  I wouldn't expect them to mess up the cable, but when things don't work, you can't really overlook any possible answer.

If you have a friend nearby who is doing the same things, you could try plugging his board into your computer and cable.

Just a suggestion.



I will try installing Linux...

But I don't know if the board / chip will work.


I have to pleasure to show you this:



So, I think the USB cable isn't the "issue" (when I use picaxe-28X2)
I´m using now UBUNTU 12.10 and AXEPAD.

When I try to connect the board (Picaxe-28X1) to PC (using usb cable AXE027)... Axepad show: "Hardware NOT found"

What can I do now?

Sorry Falcon, I am out of ideas.  I don't think it's the software or cable anymore.  Must be the board or the chip, but the electronics part is not my strong side.  Maybe someone else will have a suggestion.


I have pleasure to tell you: The "issue" is a damaged chip, I test the picaxe 28X2 board with the PIC16F886 and it didn't work.

But the 28X2 chip it works on 28X1 board.

PSDT: I have to change an UBUNTU to do a better test.


Thks again.

Hey Falcon,

That is great, big congratulations on figuring this problem out.  Thanks for letting us know what the problem was, this kind of thing is always frustrating.


                             Good luck on your projects,


                                                  Hal (kingart3)