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Again: Hardware not found on COMX


I'm writing here, because i have been reading a lot of topics, and I can't still solve my problem (Sorry for my English... I'm not native).


I have a PICAXE-28 Starter Pack with the AXE027 usb and the PIC16F886 chip

Also, I have 3 AA batteries 1.5V (non-rechargable)

All of these items were bought in PICAXE:


The topics that I have read are:








Well, my "issue" is: I cannot download any code to chip.

I decided attach some pictures... So, you can see what I mean.

Ohhh, almost forgot... My OS is Windows 7.


Version Board


Version Board

Program Editor PORT

Device Manager PORT


Batteries test

Battery test


Plug Test (usb port test + led ON)

usb plug on


Plug Test (usb port test + led OFF)

usb plug off


Download circuit test

usb circuit off


Download circuit test (zoom)

usb circuit zoom


Pins test (following picaxe manual instructions: "TEST ON ACTUAL CHIP V+ and 0V pins with a multimeter")

(Pin # 8 - Ground ) // (Pin # 20 - Positive)

test pins on


Pins test (zoom)

test pin zoom


The Picaxe manual (pdf) says:


Download Checklist

PICAXE microcontroller

• Is the correct PICAXE chip correctly inserted in socket (I think it's ok)

• Is a PICAXE chip (not blank un-programmed PIC chip) being used (I think the website would not fool me, right?).

• Is a damaged PICAXE chip being used (chip has had over-voltage o reverse power supply applied) (I think it's ok, I always use

3 AA batteries alcaline 1.5V non-rechargable)

• Is a smooth 4.5V to 5.5V DC supply correctly connected. TEST ON ACTUAL CHIP V+ and 0V pins with a multimeter! (I think it's ok, the last 2 pictures show that)

• Is the reset pin connected to V+ via 4.7k resistor (18 / 28 / 40 pin chips)       (I don't know)

• Is the correct 3 pin resonator connected if required (28 / 40 pin chips)        (I don't know)

• Are the serial download 10k/22k resistors correctly connected.         (I don't know)



I have installed the usb controller, about two times... one from CD (.zip) and one from file of picaxe website (.exe).

I will hope that anyone can help me.




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I had a few problems like this myself recently.... have you tried:

Make sure that reset button isnt depressed

Removing the Chip, and Re-Inserting the chip, being absolutely 100% sure all the pins are seated correctly and the chip is the right way round. There is a little semicircular dimple on one end of the chip. There is a matching dimple on one end of the socket.

Reset switch Look at http://letsmakerobots.com/node/75, See where PICAXE28 is written on the board, and to the right of that there are 2 holes labelled R. Thats for the reset switch. Anything there? Any stray solder etc?

Voltage Pin. Above where it says R there are 3 pins. If you are looking at the board with PICAXE28 nearest to you, the left and middle pins should be jumpered to link V1 and V2. 

About the chip... I think it's well placed considering google's photo (showing the board + chip).


Reset switch: Nothing strange in 2 holes. Don't have any solder, but it have red plastic cover.

Voltage pin. The jumper is well placed (between left and middle pins)

How can I test / know if:

1. The Board it is working and not damaged?

2. The Chip PIC16F886 it is working and not damaged?

Could I test both of them separately? but not electricaly, I mean with motors or servo or led or protoboard?

Can I do that?

have you selected the right micro controller  in the picaxe program

I have selected Picaxe-28x1 / 40x1

"A picaxe-28x1 chip is marked PIC16F886"