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Battery holder


I have a battery holder like this


Well, I have another holder for 8 AA alcaline batteries, but without wires, it just have press-stud terminator. 

And I want to build this "robot":



What can I do to modify this battery holder?


Just have to buy another one?





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some universal adapters do have a 9 volt clip you could cut off. like this one:



I think it solved with this:

you should be able to purchase a 9v battery connector to add wires to it.

An example http://tinyurl.com/a7ld9f8

I tried few seconds ago, soldering the press-stud connector with female-female cable... cutting both ends.

Multimeter did not show any change.

I mean 0V (with 8 batteries AA well placed).

But, if measure both pole (battery holder positive and negative) it show 12.50V



You mean this, right?


But, I not found any information about: Add wires to battery holder with press-stud.

I mean any video or pdf or doc, with any "idea" to solder the wires to press-stud connector.

I don't want to damage the battery holder.

You buy the 9v battery connector and solder to the wires that come off of it.