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The Passing of a Loved LMR Member.

Unknown to many LMR members, but here from the beginning, has been Bondo the Dog. The best damn shop dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and never further than my ankles as I recorded almost every video posted here at LMR.

Bondo passed today at 5:00 PM. Bondo was my protector, companion, best God Damn shop dog who ever lived, and my best friend. He will be dearly missed. He was my hero.

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I know the pain your feeling. There is no other animal that is as close to being a buddy as a dog. The sad part is they live fast and die young. I had one for 17 years and it was a tough decision in the end to have have it put down. Even now I feel as if I let the old mate down.
People usually say get another one, and to be honest I hate it when they say that but when you feel the time is right, that is the best thing to do to help you get over it. They all have different behaviours and personalities but if your lucky you'll get another that makes you think again, haven't I got the best gosh darned dog in the world.

My Condolences Chris for your loss. 

I understand just how much a pet can be a member of your family and just how difficult it can be when they are gone.

A toast to Bondo, one of us all.

unknown why that double posted...  :(

Sorry to hear that CTC.  :( As someone who has owned and lost a few dogs to their way too short lifespan, I feel your pain.  :~(

Really sorry to hear that man. I had a dream that something happened to my hell-hound the other night and it left me quite blue. 

Dogs can be amazing little buddies and really leave quite a hole when they depart. 

What happened?

  sorry about Bondo. Good shop buddies are to be treasured. Dogs have eyebrows

and they use them.

RIP Bondo, you may find a good place in dog's heaven and dig out a couple of delicious bones there. 

Sorry about your loss Chris. I never had a dog but loosing my cousins dog last year did touch me too since this little creature was around for 13 year (yeah, such an old lady). Dog's (forvive me if you guys think otherwise) are sometimes better buddies than people because they never forget a face and never lie to you.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss at the passing of Bondo. Although I don't know Bondo or yourself, I can appreciate the feeling of the loss of a very close buddy. Having lost my own Duncan a couple of months ago, and of many of my furry children over the years. They do burn the candle bright, but at the cost of burning for a short time. May your grief pass quickly and memories of Bonfo bring you joy and not sadness.

I too am sorry for you loss.

Take care Bondo

I feel for you. Losing a pet is always hard, 

My condolences to you and your family.