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The Passing of a Loved LMR Member.

Unknown to many LMR members, but here from the beginning, has been Bondo the Dog. The best damn shop dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and never further than my ankles as I recorded almost every video posted here at LMR.

Bondo passed today at 5:00 PM. Bondo was my protector, companion, best God Damn shop dog who ever lived, and my best friend. He will be dearly missed. He was my hero.

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As I mentioned on Shout Box, I feel for you.

Sorry to hear about it.

I know what you mean.  While working on my 3D printer, Bill is right there supervising the work.

Condoleances. I was never a pet owner person, but if I would ever want one, it would be a dog. But I easily imagine the level of emotions involved with losing the best gosh darned dog in the world. Sorry man, I wish the best for you.

sad indeed

I don't know if there's a heaven but this makes me happy to think: photo 1c30e447c8085942e9fa61144c7b6b72_zps1ae162d5.jpg

Sorry to hear about your beloved dog Bondo's passing.  The love from a pet is truly an unconditional one.  Keep those good memories alive and begin the healing process. Take Care.


Goodbye --==Bondo==--

I feel for you. Losing a pet is always hard, 

My condolences to you and your family. 

I too am sorry for you loss.

Take care Bondo

My wife and I help sometimes in several shelters (when I can) and unfortunately I know about that kind of loss.
All I can say is read this poem.


P.S.: I always had a pet around. Right now I have 2 cats. One of them is 20 years old and the other is 10 year old.

Owned some dogs too to the bitter end ... :(