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Build prototype on commission


I am wondering if I can find on this forum an experienced robot maker, who can help me with 2 of my project on commission. One would be a design/artwork piece, the other one an artwork.


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Your name isn't Bob is it?

Hahaha, I just posted a few days ago on my FB the story of Bob. I am actually freelancer, and I work for Bob type of guys.

Thanks, Maxhirez for your reply. I will make a sketch soon about my first project.

You can see a simulation of the project I made here.

This will be a conceptual clock, which "shows" only seconds. TIK-TAK, a kind of linving in the moment - buddhist influence. My plan is to exhibit in art/design exhibitions.

The installation is made by three 3D letter, the "I" is transforming in "A" like an inchworm. The other two letters are pushed away by the  inchworm movement (for this I have a few solution...) The leters are 20 cm tall aproximately. Let me know what possibilities I have to make this clock real.


"expand" the A from the I. My first thought on hearing your proposal was an A/I that rotated around a central axis. I would imagine a servo set to rotate the letter could also push the platforms that the other two letters are on to the side. Thereby, making room for the A to fit between. A simple microcontroller and a real time clock chip should do nicely for the rest of the build.