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We are using Dagu's tracked chassis. The body of the vehicle is 3D printed. The BeagleBoard-xM is used as on-board computer to control wide range of sensors (such as ultrasonic range finders, compass, cameras, etc.).

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Cool! :-) Thanks for pointing out!

As announced here in comments and on the blog, we are working on the wheeled version of our "Shark" robot. Today we have made the first test driver. Please check out the new blog post for some more details and pictures.

Looked better with some Mars colouration. (Ok, I didn't get the hue perfect, but oh, well...) It's darker due to the lower light levels there.

Speaking about 3D art and design - here some early ideas and sketches made by our 3D designer before we decide to continue with this model. The site is in Russian, but pictures are language-independent :-) .

Мой русский язык очень беден. Может быть эта фото лучше.

It might be interesting to see the same body style, but with the tires used on the wheeled model (20120520w)


... afaik, it does not support detection algorithm aliens ...





Ha ha. Looks good.

Also, I like the lower picture, too.

Very nice robot, congratulations.

¿Could you tell me which model of camera are you using?

> Very nice robot, congratulations.

Thanks! :-)

> Could you tell me which model of camera are you using?

Sure, we are using the analog camera with USB frame grabber.