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Usb to serial converter for pic programming

Hi.I have a pic programmer (pic 16f877a) with rs232 adaptor.I program the pic with the serial port of my pc

and i want to make it usb  but still programming it with serial way with low voltage programming (no bootloader)

so i will connect the usb port to my pc and the output rs232 with the rs232 of my pic programmer.

I think i need a usb to serial converter chip like FT232xx and a hex schmitt trigger inverter to be able to send hex

files to pic.

I have found some schematics but most of them are not for programming and i am a little confused.

If you have a schematic for this converter please post it.Thanks


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my first programmer was a "jdm" type programmer that works perfectly with a real serial port. when I bought a new laptop (offcourse without a serial port) I bought an usb to serial cable.. however this was not working at all. so I just want to warn you that not every programmer wil work with such an cable.

now I have an "galvawisp" that does have a pic in its own circuit to work, so an smarter kind of programmer. I'm using it together with the same usb to serial cable today and that just works great for me.