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Arduino NANO v3 heat up with shields

I don't know it just me or everybody else too. Have you ever experience your Arduino NANO on any shield and plug USB to upload the program and NANO become very HOT? NANO works fine without shield connected.

The only shield works with no heat up issue is the undershield from Rocket brand studios. (Great job! Chris.)

and are all having heat up problem.

Works fine.


I tried to build a simple shield and it heat up too. Anyone know why and how to avoid such problem? Thanks for any input :)

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I have both and experienced with them.

Be aware when you connect usb (for programming) on nano to disconnect external power from shield and position of jumpers on the shield to external power. (shield alimentation provide power to the nano)

If you let external power connected, you have a problem of power on the card (both alimented by external and nano usb connection...)

Best solution was to disconnect shied power and put jumpers on shield to external power (in this manner, shield and accessories (servo, led, ...) are not alimented while programming nano).

Meanwhile these limitations, dfrobot shield is a good product which make nano easy to connect to external sensors ...



Thanks a lot for solution. Thant's sounds like the reason. I'll try this tonight.