Let's Make Robots!

Pit-Droid (Clone) Rescue

Help me, help the droids!!              (see Full Version for more info)

I have 2 of these and want to get rid of them before I break down and start building them into a project that I have neither the time or space for.


I was kind of resigned to doing nothing with them for the foreseeable future, but a few weeks ago somebody here started talking about making robots from Jazzy bases and I realized that these guys would be really amazing telepresence robots.

I would chop off the heavy base and attach them to Jazzy guts with a camera in the eye and a monitor in their arms, and I sort of can't stop obsessing about it now ....  so please somebody make me a nice offer for them so I can get back to my other (many) projects.

Note: this picture is from here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eliw/252976311/

but these are my guys (or at least clones). Mine are in a dark, crowded spot and not easy to take pics of. I removed the pipe in the arms and the one sticking out the back.There are no marks to identify them with either George Lucas or Star Wars, so I'm calling them Clones in order to keep George and his copyright lawyers from getting upset with me.

They are permanently attached to a large / heavy steel base. I will NOT ship them. If interested (and if you live in NYC area) please drop me a note and we will proceed from there.


I realize that the whole point of LMR is to MAKE ROBOTS, and here I am asking you to STOP ME FROM MAKING ROBOTS, but I promise you that I have a slew of both past and future projects that belong here and will post them as soon as I get a chance.