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Delta Robot v2

Move an end effector in 3 dimensions without rotating the effector on any axis
3D printed parts1.01 MB
Wiring detail1.33 MB
Mechanical detail 11 MB
Mechanical detail 21 MB
Underside1.06 MB

All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com.

I design kits to teach others about building robots and the STEM concepts.  This delta robot is an improvement over the previous model.  The older one required milling and metal parts that were quite heavy.  Since I got a 3D printer that's changed.  Not counting the 3D printing the build time was about 30 minutes.

This robot is a Delta Robot.  They are often used in "pick and place" work like handling food (pick up the food, place it in the box).  There is also a 3D printer called the Rostock that uses the principles of a Delta Robot.  This robot understands gcode and can be "ordered" to do things from the serial line - meaning you can build software that will easily make this robot do more complicated things.

I hope to release this as a kit very soon.  I'm still working on the pricing.  Until then you can get it on thingiverse if you really want.

I have also built a version of this robot with 4 arms instead of 3.  I don't feel like spamming this site and the code's the same, so I won't list it separately.