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I am trying to built a robot which is controlled by a ANDROID PHONE . THe phone and the robot comuunicate with each other through the BTbee module i.e using the UART protocol.

My robot requires two dc motr driver for the wheels control and a LCD module for display..

Can you suggest me a development board which will support all my requirements ?

please help




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Just so we can help you better, which boards have you looked at already?

hi Chris,

            Well I was thinking of working on this board  http://www.simplelabs.co.in/content/mboard-arduino-clone-board-motor-driver.  as this board has a built in onboard XBee socket for my BTBee module www.simplelabs.co.in/content/simple-labs-bluetooth-module-btbee  and moreover this board has on board motor driver but I thinking of connecting a LCD panel and a camera to get a live video to this board. The complete controlling of the bot woud be control by an Android Phone..

If you could please provide your views on my project ???


The board you link to seems to be fine to me. It is bootloaded to be an Arduino Leonardo, which there is nothing wrong with, but it is not the "standard" arduino board. I don't think you would have to make many, if any at all, changes to any code you would be running. Other than that, it looks to be a pretty basic board --Arduino, usb, L298 and some headers. Yes, this would be fine.

You can add your LCD later via parallel or serial control. 

By the way, is this your first robot?

Firstly, it is my secound Robot...the first one was a line follower it has these IR sensors and its two 60 rpm motors...but problem I did attend a workshop on Robotics and we were given these line follower to work with...

IN that workshop we were given all the kits...that why I'm querrrying about the kit selection for this robot as I need to be sure about the kit...

Secoundly, can you explain to me in detail about the serial communication and parallel communication and also about the circuit interfacing...as I told you I attended the workshop and unfortunately they did not explained the above mentioned in details...Explain means if you could please provide a link for that...it would be great...

please help...


Yup, I checked. I googled "Serial Parall..." and the auto-fill took care of the rest with "Serial Parallel Arduino" for me.

From there, I found:


LCD's Serial or Parallel ? - Arduino Forum

LCDparallel vs serial

Parallel LCD to Serial LCD

Serial Enabled LCD Backpack - SparkFun Electronics


Sorry it took me so long to get around to googling this, I have been wicked busy.