Let's Make Robots!

The Tarantuduino

It jumps in and scares you......

No,this is not a Walker....it's......ummmm....a hanger....

So,I was thinking if I should or should not add a write-up,since it is not a true robot in the perfect sense,but hey,at least it uses a SONAR to detect people,and do some things as programmed,I decided to call it a robo-Tarantuduino.

Please watch the video first before scrolling down further.

OK,let me first say that I have managed to repair my broken servo. The servo I used as the base to hold The Cubot,went out of order. I searched everywhere for a replacement motor,but no luck. So I opened up the motor,made my own brushes,put them in,and packed them. Bingo,it works.

The servo opened up

The motor with the base with new brushesAnyways,this servo isn't used here.


Now we shall see that a ghost doesn't look scary in daylight,actually it looks funny...

 The initial base for the Tarantuduino was like this

This is what I've come up with. The micro servo just rotates a few degrees again and again,and the legs move...

here is the SONAR,the back of the micro servo,and a geared motor. The little thing attached to the geared motor is a home-made little wheel which pulls the spider up and also allows it to go down.

the image above is what I have used as the body of the spider. I blew up a ballon, glued some paper to it,and after it dried,I just punctured the ballon,leaving only the hard shell. Then I cut it into two and used them as the body of spider.

I have made the whole thing out of cardboard again.!!

Now,attaching the legs and circuitary.....

oh,I also attached another carboard to hold the circuits,as you can see in the image...

The board is a home-made bare minimum Arduino board. I have made another of these too,will show that later.

Now,attaching the lower portion of the body...the black thing tied to the string is Tarantuduino's hook. It is used to cling to something,and hang from it.


Now giving it life,and a switch to get alive. on the Right,it is his back,after paint job (The white paper thingy I showed earlier)


ready for action.......creepy!

Feel free to comment. Though not a true computing and complex robot,but I had fun while making this,and I have realised that being  Artistic is not what I'm made for..

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Nope I really don't like spiders. Thanks for showing the exploded view, that comforts me!

It's amazing what you can build out of crappy materials, broken or just close to.

Great build! But the video... Brrrr.

i like your idea of combining new technology with old trash, you and all your robots rock!

thanks a lot for your kind words.

i like your idea of combining new technology with old trash, you and all your robots rock!

byapok hoyeche


jodi tomar time hoy akta project korte paro amar sathe.

Duto board,2 to servo,akgada dc motor barite pore ache.just bootload koralei start korte pari..abar tomar call

I like the spiders! :D Nice upcycling of cardboard!

Really great build! Awesome stuff Dip

Thanks chicken.