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what battery would you recommend for powering 10 servos at 6v ?

I am currently working on a humanoid robot and am trying to ruduce the weight and increase the opperateing time I am useing 4 AA batterys to power the top half 12  servos and another 4AA batterys to power the bottom half 10 servos  22 servos in total . The AA batterys tend to go flat quite quickly and haveing 8 AA batterys make the robot heavyer also if i could recharge the battery it would be a great help. the servos are rated at 6v maximum and 4.5v minium what would you recommend ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.  

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I use Lipo batteries in all my robots. I bought a dozen 2S and 3S Lipo batteries the last year. A 2S Lipo is 8,4V fully charged so much to high for standard servos. I use UBEC's to lower the voltage to 5 or 6V so I don't blow up the servo's.

Agreed with Bajdi. I use the same way too.

Also it depands on how many servos you want to use. Each UBEC usually support up to 15A (They come with range 3A~15A). If you running 20+ servos you might need to choose higher output (C) of LiPos and use 2+ UBECs to manage your power.

Correct me if I am wrong :)

You could move to LiPo batteries, which have very high power to weight ratios.