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Technologies or devices or knowledge for cars in specifics subjects

I do a small theoretical project, in this project I need to investigate some technologies or devices or knowledge that must to be related to cars or to futures cars or cars industry, it can be all the kinds of cars, not only private car, it can be also buses, tractors, trucks or all others kinds of cars. It can be also technologies that the car need to communicate with them or used them like the roads that the cars use or the semaphores that the driver in the car need to communicate with them.  

 Also it needs to be correlated to one or more of the subjects that I write later.

Now I am before of the beginning of this small project so I need to search after technologies or devices or knowledge, it can be hi tech technology or low tech technologies that answer to these demands, my problem is that I don't know technologies or devices or knowledge for cars so I need help in this.

After this I will need to search information about this technology, like websites, videos, lectures, companies that develop this technology, books that talk about this technology.

I will glad to read about any technologies or devices or knowledge for cars but now it is more interesting me that this knowledge or technologies or devices or knowledge will be correlated with one or more of these subjects:

1. For example I search after technologies or devices that used in cars and use small motors, I mean all others motors that are used inside the car but not the big engine of the whole car, it can be motors that open and close the roof or move the sides mirrors or open automatics the doors in the car, and I search after other technologies that used small motors and that are related to cars.

  2. Industrial design and ergonomics in cars.

3. The materials that used to build the cars.

4. Analysis of mechanics dynamics of cars.

5. Processors or controllers in cars.

6. Sensors that cars can use.

7. Technologies that are related to cars and used computer vision.

8. Control in cars, like control for autonomous or not autonomous cars or others technologies that use control that are related to the car.  

9. Systems in car that need to take a decision and for taking this decision the system need to take a lot of information from a lot of devices.

10. Maybe now there are some plans or research for the future cars that will can communicate each other and if there are autonomous cars so they can maybe collaborate and do together one big mission.  

11. Data mining or learning machine in cars, like system that use artificial intelligent, maybe system for prevent traffic accident can use it or system to control the road junctions.  

12. Operating system in car, like windows or other operating systems.

13. Speech in cars, the people inside the car talk with the car and the car understand it and do the things that the people inside the car tell him to do.

14. Mechanics mechanisms that cars can use, like devices in the car that move in the direction that it need to move like the windscreen wiper or the door of the trunk.  

15. Technologies that are related to cars and have electronics board (analog or digital) electronics.

16. Electricity for cars, like the electric batteries that want to change the oil energy in cars.

17. Multimedia for cars like speech or sound or augmented reality in cars. 

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Open google.com, click in the search field, enter the following letters one by one: C, A, N, B, U, S, space, A,U,T,O,M,O,B,I,L,E

Then press the button where it says "Search", wait a bit and ... Uh look first result ... wikipedia OMG!


Your history of posts looks a lot like someone doing a research project and trying to get others to do the research for them.  Your questions on these and related subjects started at about the same time the present school year started.

I typed "autonomous vehicle" and "in car operating system" into Google and got almost 7 million hits between the two.  The first half dozen or so of each looked like exactly the kind of information you are looking for.  If I do the research do I get the degree?

Hold wheel, press long pedal on right!

Hi friends,

I really need your help, so if anyone here knows something about one of these things so I will glad if he can write in this thread his message response and / or links about these things.

I know this great search engine: google.com ...

Hallow ignoblegnome and also Hallow to all others forum memers,

I will try to explain myself better.

I search after information about researches that doing now for the futures cars, like:

A. autonomous cars

B. cars that communicate with each other

C. cars that flow in a smooth stream of cars without colliding

D. cars without wheel that levitate an inch above the ground

E. industrial design of future cars, like this link:


F. computer vision for cars, like these links:

http://boingboing.net/2012/10/25/how-automatic-license-plate-re.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+boingboing/iBag+(Boing+Boing  )


I am searching after more links about technologies that are related to car and also related to the subjects that I wrote in the main question, it can be things that now they are in the level of research or in startup companies and in the future they will be in the cars.

I'm not sure what you are looking for. It sounds like you need to do enough research to ask a specific question.