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electronic layout question


I need a bit of help with a component connection.  Please see attached.  Where the yellow cirlce is... I'm

not sure how to resolve this connection.  The 5 K is a potentiometer.  Not sure if the #3 output from the 555

is to connect to the middle wiper on the pot and the line from the speaker is to connect to either the right or 

left outside arrn on the pot?  I built this circuit and it's not working..... so wondering if I've got the pot set up correctly.

My confusion is stemming from the arrow on the line from the speaker and that it doesn't really connect anywhere.

Probably a real newb question.... but appreciate the help.  Thanks



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First off, hurray! You are making a theremin-like thing. How cool.

OddBot is right on, as usual, and bdk6's advice too, with OddBot's clarification.

The schematic symbol for a potentiometer is a resistor with an arrow, as you have circled. So though it was a newbie question, it was a fair one. I just want to say you did a great job asking for help. You stated your problem and question clearly, included a legible diagram, and used proper English to state what you needed. You even picked a good subject hearder. Well done! 

If you're a newbie, at least you have done a great job helping us to help you. Thanks, and welcome to LMR!

I hope we will see your project posted under the 'Something Else' category soon.


Thank you all for the help.  Finally got the unit working.  Very cool :-)

One of the problems was there was a slice in one of the speaker wires.... I knew I had 

the circuit wired up correctly (with the exception of the issue with the pot configuration which is 

what my original question hinged on).... and the thing just wouldn't work.  At one point I was moving the

unit on my desktop and the speaker wires twisted and let out this welping noise. Scared the bejesus out of me.... but then I knew

there was something amiss with the speaker and upon inspection, saw the nasty little nick in the wiring.  All is well....thanks

again.  Appreciate the help.