Let's Make Robots!

First robot (Hectic)

Navigate around via ultrasound.


This post is just one of the first steps of my build.
I have made my robot's housing ready for powdercoating.







UPDATE 15-2-2013

Servo's arrived this day.


UPDATE 27-2-2013

Old housing in a new colour.


UPDATE 3-3-2013

 Today I made some wheels. The rubberband acts as a tire.


 UPDATE 24-5-2013

I thought it would be nice to make a sort of prototype first before I instal it in the powdercoated case. This way I can see if I am happy with the sketch and if there are things I would like to chance.
The second video shows the prototype. (It does show a mess of wires and a not so stable wheel. :P) 

UPDATE 29-5-2013

I did chance my code a little bit and I like this one better then the previous one.


UPDATE 31-5-2013

Here are some pictures of what I did to make all the components fit in the case. 

This connectors should make it easyier to connect the sensor while the arduino is in the case.

The HC-SR04 with the conectors soldered.


The battery connector and the arduino jack soldered to the switch.

The case with the servo's glued on and some kind of acrylic or something just to make it look nicer.

The ballcastors.

The robot is not finished yet but did finished the code. I hope i can post video's and pictures of the finished robot soon. 

 UPDATE 7-6-2013

Yesterday I did finished my robot.

Here are some pictures of Hectic:

Sorry for the pictures being sideways. I don know how to turn them. :P

In the last video you will see the finished robot.

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It looks like the project is coming together. :-)


15 years old, working for 3 months and creating an autonomous bot, that's what i call awesome.

Thank you very much I do like the compliment. Your scanner looks nice to that is something that really blew my mind.

Welcome to LMR and to hobby robotics. This looks like a very nice project. I can't wait to see your progress and the finished robot too.

Glad to hear that.

You can replace the "tires" rubber band by "O" ring gasket like that


that can be more efficient on the floor, and also more aesthetic

That is a good idea thank you.

Powdercoating sounds extreme. Unless you work in a shop that does powdercoating, I would not think that was a good idea.

First robots tend to have lots of errors or things that need changed between concept, design, and build, so it is better to make them from cheap materials. After your design is working well, then mount it in a better housing if you wish.


I am not agree with you, he can do powder coating now if he has already completely thought his project, design and engeniiring.

May be the external design is the major point of his concept ?!  The challenge is to feet everything inside.

Of course, he can do what he wishes.

As you notice, I said that *I* would not think it a good idea, as I was concerned with unneeded cost, but he later said he had a friend that would do the powdercoating for free. That does make a big difference.

He also had said that he had only been in robotics for 3 months. To me this said the possibility of needed changes was greater since everything in a subject cannot normally be learned in only 3 months.

Take industry for example. Even the largest car company that has been making cars for decades, does not turn out a new model straight out of the mind of an engineer. They turn out designs, check them repeatedly for errors, and build a prototype model. If that all looks good, then they put money into turning out machines and dies and robotic programs that will build the finished models.


(and sorry, but I am not sure what "feet everything inside" means.)