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Pushes itself around, freeweelin'


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This was in a series of robots I made when I was really fond of the idea that instead of giving a robot wheels with traction, it should just be "something" that could push itself around on free roling wheels.

Hard to explain, but take a look at this:


It is tha base of an old Nielfisk Vaakum Cleaner. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have a robot placed on top, with arms that it could push itself around with? (whatch video to catch my drift)

I want to do more of that kind some day soon ;)

I mainly show you this because of the video; I hung up a camera behind my head, and a remote in my hand to start it every now and then - just as an experiment, I would love to see other peoples ways of building, filmed that way :) (I know I am a mess, btw)

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What specific software do you use?



Depending on the platform.


AXEpad for Linux/Mac
Programming Editor for MS platforms

you actually gave me a hope about making robots.

 and wow.. you are genius!!!!

 Kenny from U.S

Oh yeah, keep em comming :D lol - thanks a lot, I am sure you are as well! :)

What is going on here? Is this page / video featured somewhere?

(Glad you all got inspired :) 

different kind of power?!!


I think it'd put a smile on my face daily to see that thing gimping around my house all day... which is the only word I can use to describe the way it moves, aside from double pole, cross country skiing on wheels.
This is an awesome robot! A good way of navigating instead of having the normal servos just on the wheels. :) And after I program my robots I want them to be controlled by R/C too... where could I get that Magic Black Box?

The magic black box is homemade :)

OddBot has made instructions somewhere on the site on how to make your own controller.

love that robot and how u make it move! maybe some day ill give it a try :)