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Pushes itself around, freeweelin'


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This was in a series of robots I made when I was really fond of the idea that instead of giving a robot wheels with traction, it should just be "something" that could push itself around on free roling wheels.

Hard to explain, but take a look at this:


It is tha base of an old Nielfisk Vaakum Cleaner. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have a robot placed on top, with arms that it could push itself around with? (whatch video to catch my drift)

I want to do more of that kind some day soon ;)

I mainly show you this because of the video; I hung up a camera behind my head, and a remote in my hand to start it every now and then - just as an experiment, I would love to see other peoples ways of building, filmed that way :) (I know I am a mess, btw)

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It is a really unique design. Maybe you should see how off-road it is, maybe even make it climb stairs!

My all time favorite robot building video... I love the humour in it :-).

Actually it teaches some very important lessons to new robot builders - for example the thing about differential steering. I'm looking forward to the next video :-)