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Tutorial Trolling

I've seen a few instructable-type tutorials here and there that just look too good to be true.  My favorite was someone trying to convince you that you could run your flat-screen TV by splicing a AAA battery holder into the power cable provided with it.  In any case, I came across a tutorial today (an electronic instrument complete with its own URL and Makerfaire badge) that should have been a straight-up download, upload, hook up some pins and a speaker rig and all I got was one tone, with no reaction to the Inputs.

It got me wondering (and I'm not really ready to say that this is fake-just that it got me thinking about these), have you guys come across this kind of thing often?  People putting up tutorials, walkthroughs, code and tips that just don't work IRL?  What are they getting out of it?  Attention?  Is it really that gratifying to pretend you succeeded where you failed then trying to convince people that "It worked for me-you must just be doing it wrong!"


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attention....and it sorta works for them....they've got a lot of subscribers.

and probably because 60% of watchers of diy videos don't really make anything, they just enjoy someone creating awesome things even though they don't know if it would work or not....Ive read a lot of comments on the Make youtube page, saying that they watch the videos but don't usually make them, for they only enjoy the videos....

On a real great Highlands or Uillean bagpipe or a small pipe, the drones are a constant harmonic tone that sound an octave and two octaves below the tonic tone as long as there is air pressure in the bag. You can hear them really well in "Raigmore" here.
Thanks bdk! I got the chanter working actually. There's a lot of noise on it but it's a very cool implementation. The problem was a speaker on the blink. I'd love to hear your ideas though. If you looked at the newest code, he's built drones into it with a sensor on A0-perfect for a conductive foam FSR under the arm!