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Clone of IronMask

just for fun

Um... inspired by so many others are doing ironman's mask. I deside to make one my own, too.

Instead of doing all that mass of resin,FRP, fiberglass etc, I find the mask of ARMY OF TWO from eBay which is perfectly fine of what I am looking for. Doesn't really hhave to be exactly the same as Tony Stark has. (There's exact iron's mask out there for airsoft game.)

Again, I have diffeculty to discribe my project by words(even my mother language), I'd showing picture of how I did it.


First I cut the mask into shape I want.

Make a alumnum plate and bracket for 2x 9G servos. I found the bracket from Seeeduino. Using M2,M3 screws to put them together. (Later I figure there're much easier ways to make this part. )

This goggles monitors is for rear view camera. So when you look up you can see the view from rear like car mirror.

This camera is for car back view, so the rear view reversed horizontally and is perfect for what I need here.

Using Arduino NANO plus Undershield + 3S lipo and 5V UBEC regulater.

Using screws, hot glue and double sided type to wrap up mass inside.

I cut few plates on the side of mask to make sure the cover will back on correct position.

There is a long wire with button to hand control the mask.

That's about it. Let me know if any question. I will try my best to respond on post here. Wish you all enjoy it.

I just add more stickers on the mask:

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