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Project of a small vehicle

Hello, Im in university and have a task to make a vehicle, and they give you no information on how to make the vehicle. The task is to construct a vehicle that is able to following a tack. The component provided are, A chassis is provide with motors, gear boxes, wheels, a transistor capable of providing the drive current for the motors and fixing arrangement for printed circuit or strip boards to house the electronics are provided.The other components you can take it from the university stock room.You can also order component with a budget of 50 pound. 


They told me you can either make the vehicle using analogue, digital or microcontroller. Since I don't know how to use a microcontrroller i may not use microcontroller.


Can someone suggest me how to start the project? 

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do you thnk, if i put a ventilator in my line follower robotwould make it faster?

In our hackerspace we developed a analog line follower with a simple transistor circuit. The costs should not be more than US$ 2.00


You can use a proto board as a chassis and motors you have in stock but need to take care of the current they draw.