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Win7 and bluetooth

Hey guys. This one is more of a win7 problem and I'm hoping someone else with win7 maybe has played with the bluetooth modules you buy on ebay and might have solved this problem.

I've got a HC-06 unit and it works fine. I've had it paired and communicating with my arduino thanks to sketches and tips here.

However I found I had to modify the code so that the arduino would continually send a character to maintain connection. If the port is left idle it drops after 2-3 seconds.

I wasn't sure if it was the module at fault or my pc. So I connected with a terminal app from my galaxy and tested it. Everything was fine. No loss of connection after being idle for a couple minutes and I imagine inifinately or until my phone battery runs flat or disconnected.

Now I googled this and found that people have had problems with win7 and bluetooth peripherals(mice and such). I followed some suggestions as to settings in power management etc, but it made no difference and others had same experience.

Any ideas as to what win7 is doing here? I haven't had a reason to hate it yet.(I actually love win7) but this is peeving me a bit.

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Which Bluetooth drivers are you using for win7 and what is the Bluetooth hardware?  I've used this class 1 Bluetooth dongle with the builtin win 7 stack and it works well with an RN-41 Bluetooth module. 

I haven't gotten around to buying these BT modules yet but I've considered getting the HC-05 which is supposed to have better firmware or the dirt cheap HC-06.

These HC-05 and HC-06 modules seem to be fine and a fraction of the price of others. If I was buying again I might buy the HC-05 instead. It has a larger At command set but you don't normally need to bother with the at commands when using them. The baud setting and device name is supported by both.

The dongle I'm using is class 1 and it shows as a cambridge radios. It was a cheapy off ebay.

A funny little story about this unit. It came with a foldable antenna but I thought I'd have a look inside in case the issue was with the dongle and maybe a loose antenna connection. Open it up and the foldable antenna is just a gimmick it has no connection to the board whatsover, in fact it's just a solid piece of plastic. Wtf?

I'm wondering if I need to look harder for a better driver. Are you using dedicated drivers supplied by your dongle maker?

The driver provider is CSR plc and the version is  I don't recall if windows found this automatically but I think that is what happened.  Do you have another dongle to try?  I've also used this one successfully on win 7 x64 which is cheap.

I'm thinking of getting another dongle, I did try some file which was suppose to be for CSR which it says my dongle is but it made things worse. Whether the file was what it says it was is another thing. I also have the toshiba stack in a file but it hasn't repaired the damage the other file did.

while they are very clear instructions and reading comments it appears to work for  a few people. I have no power management tab under the blutooth driver.
I can't remember what it was I changed but there was another power management setting I changed following instructions from somewhere which I didn't keep note of.
I have tried updating the driver but it says the one installed is best. Generic bluetooth driver. This is probably bs don't you reckon.