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So this is a robot that I threw together very quickly, so its not that nice. For Christmas, I got the Parallax Emic 2 text-to-speech module and the EasyVR voice recognition shield for Arduino that I successfully wired to my Basic Stamp 2 Homework board. I have been having some problems with the EasyVR GUI, when I try to connect to the board it says "Could not enter control mode. This operation returned because the timeout period expired.". The GUI is called the "EasyVR Commander", so if there is anyone that knows this software, please help.

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"...the EasyVR voice recognition shield for Arduino that I successfully wired to my Basic Stamp 2 Homework board."

I think you may have a different definition of "successfully" than is commonly held.  Arduino and BS2 are similar, but not necessarily interchangeable.  (For example, the EasyVR is a board that deals with audio, which means that it deals with a zero-crossing-implying that it may use maths requiring negative numbers.  I recall Birdmun telling me that Parallax boards can't exactly deal with that concept.)  Now taht's just an example of the differences-the EasyVR may or may not communicate these negative values to the microcontroller, but still, the point is that if the shield is made for Arduino, you might just want to use it with Arduino.

If you haven't seen someone successfully pair these units before, it may be because it's not meant to be.  If you have seen it done, then maybe the place to start looking for help is where you saw it done.

I had a chance to look at the Veear website and noticed a few things.  First off, you do have the Arduino shield and you're trying to use it with a BS2.  That probably isn't the optimal way to go.  Second, it doesn't say anything about BS2 compatability on the website, it only mentions the Basic Stamp.  That may or may not be a problem, I don't know Parallax for dogspit.

In any case, it couldn't hurt you to look at the manufacturer's site:


...and click on the links that say "How can I make a quick test to make sure EasyVr/VRbot is working" and "When using EasyVR/VRbot GUI, I get the error "Cant connect". What should I do?"  It's a start at least.

that's awesome!