Let's Make Robots!


We received have our so called "vanity URL" for LMR on G+:


Bujaka! Or something :)

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I'm a sociable enough person, but I have no urge to commit verbal diarrhea to strangers :)  Hence I don't Facebook or twitter.

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As I am an unsociable person who has never used twitter and can't understand why Facebook is so popular. Can someone please write a tutorial or better still a datasheet telling me what Google+ does and how to use it?


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I'm with you Odd

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Me too (and Hi Ant, btw ;D)

But then again - I have for a long time at my work (where I somewhat work with these things) said that in the summer 2013 we will hear / read mainstream media come up with the "surprise" that "somehow" G+ has taken over / that both facebook, twitter, Skype and DropBox are in decline.

The thing is, put short: The "fun" of facebook is so "demanding" on you: You have to go there and check who eats popcorn and who had a baby. The G+ is not a place you "think" you visit, but slowly you'll just start not using the other services.. you think you have just "grown out of it", but the fact is that the good things they gave you, are given as a natural flow via G+

Not because you actively enter G+ (as you had to do with facebook) but just because it is becoming a part of your daily natural flow: You take a picture on your phone - it's just uploaded to G+. You send a mail.. oh, why not make that a video call through your G+.. no wait, send them a file (over G+), no chat with them, uh, happens over G+ etc etc etc. A dozen and more "things you just do" will be done via G+, and so you stop doing it through the other products. Because why would you?

This might interest you:


Cheers - and I don't get why the "old" services where used either.. and apart from the LMR G+, I would not THINK that I would be using G+.. but in fact I use it maybe 20 times pr day.. without knowing it!

And that's the product. G+ is not a "place you go to and use" - you just do it in modern life - or you will start to soon :)

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Now I've got FritsL's cell number!
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Good deal - with Plus overtaking Twitter (still kind of amazing to me for some reason) it's good to know that is done.

Now off to check on mine for work... and join up here properly.