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How to add sound?

Hello, i was wondering how to add sound to this
I was thinking to break an old mp3 and connect it to the board :D but that is way too retarded
I know i can make my own board on Orcad, with a chip for memory and а processor chip + amplifier,
but i have no idea what to use and how to do it (Or at least a little bit, can work with Orcad <3)

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Unless you're set on building a bottom up solution you can hack cheap players to stop/play, prev, next. I have a couple I am working on now. Just doing the control a little different than this one. I'm using a 74138 chip to give me eight outputs with three pins. https://sites.google.com/site/roidayan/simple-mp3-player-hacking
Limits are no direct song/sound access, and I've found these have no method to just play one track and stop so it is a bit difficult for adding sound effects unless you edit the sound files and make them all the exact same length so your code knows when to stop or prev/next.
Edit: Or if you just want bleeps, bloops, and notes just add a speaker and some code! Anyhow, an option... Stephen

There are a couple pages that talk about controlable MP3 boards. I saw one of them on ebay for $5 to $10 shipped.

What kind of sound do you want to add and which microprocessor did you use?

well i would like mp3 :D And i used the same as in the guide <3

And i actually want to make it myself, not just buy it, but i don't know what processor to use (I can make the amplifier) and what else to add to the orcad scheme