Let's Make Robots!

details, details, details

I am still pretty new on LMR, and more on robotic, but I read a lot of pages, a lot of post in the forum and I still regarding for more details how you make your robots.


More details about the connections of different component.

more details about your problems and the troubleshooting


Also look forward for more scripts, more library.


When I go thru LMR, I feel like everybody save a little secret, not really share the experiences and the skills to the newbees.


I hope I am wrong to say that, I wait on your responses to show how we can be a strongly sharely community.


Again, sorry for my bad english.

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For basic stuff such as a power suppy or a ping sensor, no one is going to write about how they built a power supply or connected a ping sensor. This is stuff that most members know how to do already. If you don't know then you can look up tutorials and datasheets with the search box or Google.

In some cases, a member would need to write a small book to explain how they did something. Most members are not going to do that. Some of us do however write tutorials. Look them up and read them, that's where your secrets are.

Ulimately it is up to you to search for your answers on the internet the same as everyone else and post forums when you can find the answer with Google.



I am not demanding for sopying the robot of one of you, I want made my own and be proud to thinking by myself.

I just mean without be mean, when somebody post his robot or something else is on construction or its done completely, should be good to post more detail, explain what difficulties was encounter, why this choice, how the skectch look like with good commentary.

Can be helpfull for anyboby and also educational.

If the purpose is only to showing, youtube is enough.

I seriously miss this kind of informations on LMR and I will do all I can with my robot.

Can you understand better my vision ?

He states in he reply to you, that, the person sharing can't possibly know all the questions people might ask.

I finally got around to watching a video that was posted on HackaDay months ago. Long story short, the presenter said that hackers are fond of their projects. If you are curious about something just ask. They may well talk your ear off before you know it. :) We are not all bloggers, and, high quality print writers. I would imagine, if you asked a direct question about someones 'bot, you would get the best answer they can manage. Maybe your question will get someone else thinking and they will either ask a different question or ask for more followup.

If you're looking for step by step instructions, then click on "Start Here" in the upper left hand corner. (Alternatively, you may be better served at Instructables)  

However, robot projects are to show off what we have built-not to instruct you on how to copy them.  We aren't keeping secrets though. Generally we do have a common lingo for talking about methods and means, but it's more of a shorthand than an attempt to keep people from catching on to what we're saying.

Connecting components is usually pretty straightforward.  It shouldn't require a lot of discussion.  Most things have 2-4 pretty common terminal points and you just have to know which way the data and current are flowing.  Otherwise, we mostly use jumpers or wires (and jumpers are just wires with special connectors on the ends.) 

Scripts are usually "sketches" and they can be included in line in posts or for longer ones, they are often attached, however most robots use very similar code and unless someone has revolutionized the cybernetic process, there's not a lot of reason to post new alternative code for a two-motor, one servo and IR or Ultrasonic robot. You may want to look at more of the Tips/Walkthroughs than the robot projects.

However, we are geeks and as such we probably have some annoying social habits-like inability to admit a lack of knowlege, derision when someone makes a slight faux pas, self righteous mockery of things we think we could do better, that sort of thing...