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Aviation Grade

navigates around via ultrasound

Hello LMR,


This is my first robot based on the arduino version of SHR (penny). It has as you can see IR sensor to avoid obstacles. The body is made from a scavenged aviation grade oil can the rest is all stuff you know.I will attach a video shortly to show it in action. I also added a back up function that backups until it reaches a fair distance to start scanning again.It took me alot of time to build this little guy since I had to also learn how to programm the thing.

Thanks for all the help from everyone and im already preparing for my next project an outdoor version that can withstand arctic temperatures.



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He's awesome! R2W40!

Well done!

My next project would be something like the national geographic guys use, a small rover with a camera on top to take very close distance shot to nature. We have arctic foxes and karibou that come very close to the village here the only challenge will be to make something sealed so my battery doesnt die after 10 minutes. For this tin robot I wanted to add sounds similar to R2D2 before showing it to you guys but I got mad with the addition of tone function to my code so its pretty basic ;).

great job brah, 

Simple but yet genius. The use of the oil can is just great!