Let's Make Robots!

whooo hoo ! my arduino came!!!!!

I just got my arduino diecimila today and I am trying to figure out what to do as my first project.

What do you guys think I should do?

I am a little tight on money untill this summer so my projects are sort of limited :(



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What do you have laying around? Wheels, motors, speakers, leds, switches, sensors?

(cool :)

/ Fritsl

 An old rc car (still works) leds switches speakers some motors soldering iron (with some experience :) ect mostly parts scavenged from dead electronic parts donors.



Here is your latter:


/ Fritsl

Ill try it out ~Matt
Coming up with an idea is always the hardest part for me :) I agree with Frits, when I just want to play, I look at what I've got on hand and work from there, thinking of what I can do with those parts.

 the coding part will probably be the hardest part (so any help/tips are welcome :)


gratz, now you can start playing with C..

 i advice you to start playing with the tutorials at www.arduino.cc , and then move away to the toy competition, since you have a old rc car to play with.. 

 dont forget to give us some nice fotos =P its always fun to see the evolution.

 Good luck with the arduino, and welcome to the electronics open-source microcontroler!!!

Trust me I will keep you guys posted on my progress ~Matt