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Happy Anniversary, LMR and Happy Birthday Bird!

I just noticed that this is the anniversary of my first posts on LMR-Hedwig and aRDui5X both went up a year ago today.  It's also Kyle "Birdmun" Kerr's birthday!  That will make it easy to remember my anniversary with the site.  Kind of a cheat, like guys who intentionally pick wedding dates that they already remember.  Whenever Bird mentions his birthday in the shoutbox, it will be a little bell ringing in the back of my head.  For that and numerous other reasons, I wish him a long life and a continued robust presence on the site.

I'd like to thank every one of you for enriching my life this year, though I've not met even a single one of you in person.  Whether you're teaching me new and amazing things, entertaining or inspiring me with new robots or inventions, bantering with me in the Shout Box, tolerating (or joining me in) my criticism of grammer, spelling or fact, working Google magics that I couldn't muster on my own, not complaining about my obsession with animated GIFs, not complaining about my obsession with bouncing boobies in animated GIFs, inflating my ego by trying my code, tips or design ideas, helping me with electronic or mechanical engineering issues, listening to my bitching about my health problems, sharing your stories of success and family, teaching me about new cultures and crossing over into them, the list goes on and on.

In any case, thank you.  I know this is a website and not a "real world place," but to me it's as real as any city, as holy and supporting as any church and as nourishing as a Burger King.  Okay, maybe that last one isn't the best example but I have a headache.


LMR, you ROCK!

Here's one I've been saving for a special occasion.  This cat is insanely happy.

(I hope you win the lottery too, Kyle!)


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Happy belated birthday, Birdmun! And happy belated first post aniversary, Max! And if skype's tellin' the truth, happy birthday Basile!


Hi Max,

Thanks for the clip, that cat is scary happy, when they look THAT happy you have to go see what they broke ...LOL.

Happy Birthday Bird, hoping all nice things for you in the new year.




I reckon that cat thinks he's a dog, that must be why he's so happy. Congratulations Max and happy birthday to LMR's resident Sage.

All the good stuff for both of you!

I hope I win the lottery too. :D