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Has anyone tried using These LCDs with an arduino? I'm not sure whether they're HDD44780 compatible or not, and I can't seem to find much of a datasheet.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for all the replies. Am I right in thinking, then, that the basic library should work, but I might need to adjust the timing a bit? If so, how hard it it to sort?

Also, how hard would it be to adjust in python? I've found this tutorial on using the hd447 with a RasPi, so presumably sorting it to work with these LCD would be pretty similar.

that can help


Or may be that



I also have a DMC40267-NY-SLY-E-AZ, if somebody have a datasheet, I cannot found on google ?

Google the part number PC1602ARU-HWB-G-Q and you will get the datasheet of the Farnell website...

I've had a look through the datasheet, but I'm not sure how to adress it. I know that the arduino works with the HDD44780-type driver, and there's a library around to use it, but I'm not sure whether it'll work with these. I think I can figure out how the characters are adressed, but I would rather use an existing library at the moment, as I'm not exactly experienced with arduino.

I think you forgot to post the link to the LCD...

Sorry. Sorted it now.