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Leap Motion

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Well it looks like the day of the computer mouse is coming to a close. Very interesting as I did not see any camera or laser lenses on it in the video.

The black surface on the top of it is just a protective translucent screen. There are actually 2 cameras inside of it. And there are 3 infrared leds in it. I imagine it works by taking images of the scene from the two camera and illuminating it by the 3 different leds which are set apart from each other. Then there are 6 pictures to analize, and some black magic happens. 

Oh for sure and us old timers will grumble about how "back in my day we used a mouse..."
Considering how slow the uptake has been with touchscreens on pc's and laptops, it will probably be a few years yet before something like this kills the mouse altogether.
The size is so much less obtrusive than a kinect though. Beats me how it works. Maybe it senses disturbance to the ether near it, lol.

I don't know if actually produces a point cloud though. Does it? Or does it just track fingers? 

Not sure, they seem to be secretive about how it works.
The accuracy is fantastic though, it senses your finger to within 1/100th of a millimeter. Also I just noticed it's got fairly short range @ 8 cubic metre space that it works in. Thats like 2x2x2 metres. Not as far as the kinect but not bad all the same with that sort of accuracy.