Let's Make Robots!

Little Johnny

Talks, Moves Around, Surfs the Net, Runs Custom Apps and Software, Calls, Google Maps, IP/CV

To make Little Johnny, I got an Andruino Uno R3, a Raspberry Pi, some old Printer Motors, and old computer case, a couple of "3rd Hands" and some sensors and started hacking. Little J's voice box is contructed out of an old Linksys router and some new green LEDs.

Tank treads are a copy of a project I read on instructables, using rollerblade wheels, ball bearings and Bike Chain, combined with split 1/2 PVC pipe, and a few size 8 screws with nuts JB welded on, topped off with a rubber belt harvested out of an old vending machine.


The 12V Johnson Motors were harvested out of an old HP printer that was older than dirt, which means that I had to use a hack saw to break into the warm and creamy shell. This harvesting also yielded 2 stepper motors with metal spurs and an additional 6v motor with encoder that will be used as a multi-tool hand.

This robot runs all custom software, examples of this software can be found on this projects blog on BlogSpot.


Current examples of Capabilities:

1. Emailing using Android

2. Web

3. Custom Gallery of pictures that reference the movie.

4. Blogging done for BlogSpot, generated from the robot itself.

  5. Cloud Based WebIDE using Adafruits distro

6. Custom Python Scripts

 7. Autonomous control using PIR, PhotoElectric and Ultrasonic Range Finders on Arduino.

8. Google Maps Geo Location Tracking (follows robot using GPS).

 9. Grappling Hook (modified from Batman toy).

10. Speech Syth using Dragonfly Py Mod.

11. Kung-Fu Grip

Things still to add: 1. Red TTL laser

2. Gert Board and 9 12g servos for PI (to make Johnny's Body Move)

3. Logic Converter (for Pi to Arduino)

4. Eye Brows

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I would love to see more pictures please!