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Web controled robot using android and arduino adk - work in progress

This is my first robot,  it is a Web controlled robot , the commands are sends through a web browser to a PHP server , the user interface to control the robot is written using HTML and their are 5 commands available (up,down,left,right,break) , when the user clicks on one of these commands , the command is sent to a PHP server (I've used 000webhost.com ) . in the other side there is a robot built using Ardunio mega ADK attached to an android powered device (Samsung S3 in this case) , the android device is connected to the internet (3G network in this case) and registered to the PHP server ,so when the commands is sent to the PHP server , the PHP server will automatically push the command to the registered android device through android GCM mechanism, when the android device receive the command its sent to the ardunio adk board through a USB cable , then the ardunio move the attached servos according to received command. I've used 4 AA batteries for the servos and 6 AA batteries for the ardunio .


features i am working on :

1-video recording and streaming from android device to web interface.

2-playing a sound file on android device using the web interface.

3-control the flashlight on android device using web interface.


5-controlling the speed of the robot.

6-auto-driving mode.

7-adding a good wheels :-)


web interface ====




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This is a very nice robot.

It is also very useful to me.  I am also working on a four-wheel, differential steering robot.  It took me a while to accept that my base had to be square.  Now I have been concerned about the distance my wheels are spaced apart and how this will effect the robot's ability to turn.

I think the spacing I am using is about the same as yours and your robot seems to turn well on a smooth floor.

Have you noticed any problems on carpet.

You have done a really nice job on this, thanks for sharing.




I am glade that this helped you , but actually i didn't tested it on carpet but i think if you have used a big good wheels its will move smothly without any problem.


good luck and don't forget to share your robot with us after you complete it :-).