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Hacker and Lovers

Ok, there is not much new from my side in terms of robots but I did another photo shooting. Today, of course, with the topic "Valentines Day" (I hope you guys did not forget this)

Here is the first picture related to hackers (my special greetings to MarkusB :-) )

And the one for the Valentines Day comes now:

You want to get pictures like this with YOUR robot too?  Please read our proposal.



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The first picture shows exctly for which clientele are hot glue guns for... :D

You've gotta love a beautiful woman who knows how to use a hotglue gun!

She looks downright sexy blowing the smoke off the tip.

Well, there are more people in need of a hotglue gun :-)

There must be a story behind the girl "torturing" the bear.  ha ha


You are free to write YOUR story about the girl and the bear :-) I got something in mind but did not want to spoil :-)

She looks like "You forgot again and this is the best you can do!".

That reminds me, I forgot valentines day, I forget when our wedding aniversary is and I only have a vague idea when LiSi's birthday is.

I'm gonna need a bigger bear!

Still 1 hour to go OddBot, tomorrow it's to late ;-)

I just delivered my present and got some some bonus points which I can exchange in "coming back home late tickets" :-)