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Plays Tic tac toe
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Introducing Strike'm,a robot that simply Strikes you out.

So,this is the Tic tac toe robot I have built. Actually inspired from Oddbots challenge,I have made this .

I decided to keep it original. From my point of view ORIGINALITY has two aspects,

1. The game should be kept original, i.e. you have to use a pen and paper,play it,win it or lose it.

2. The robot should be original. i.e. It must not be a copied stuff from some one.

Strike'm satifies both aspects,I think.

So,now here's some pics. This time I have used some ply-wood along with cardboard.


This was not my initial plan of robot,initially I was going to build something like this


But there was some design malfunction,so I switched to new idea.

I had drilled holes earlier in the board,cause I had some other plans too,but later rejected them....

The board had a lot of makes and remakes...there's a lot of signs of that

Later I thought that I can use a series of resistors on analog pin,and use it as a voltage divider. So,this was my initial setup..

all of the above were 100K resistors....

But I had problems with the readings,so changed the 100K's to 2K's and made the tin plates thinner...

covered the setup with a thin cardboard. Note those wood sticks,they prevent all the switches being pressed at the same time..

still HAD problems with analog readings,tried caps,didn't work. Then added a pull down resistor (10K) from input pin to ground and wrote a code to compensate for the bad switches.

I have never used a stepper,and I even don't have one right for the job. So,used the Servos to make it move,one servo for each axis,they are Hitec HS 311. Pretty good Servos !!!

Next was the gripper and the touch sensor. Sensor is made from IC 555. Gives pretty good response. I used cholcolate wrappers to wrap the markers and the gripper,as you can see...

Finally tested some code,glued here and there,and it was running perfectly. Sometimes,it's writing is not so accurate as The channels are damaged. they were laying aside waiting to be discarded....also the not-so-high precision wood sticks that hold the axis account for this (they are not exactly of equal length).

circuitary containing the 555 ccircuit and others...



That's all.

My special Thanks to:

1. Rick100 (http://letsmakerobots.com/user/15506),he's the one who informed me of the challenge in the first place. Thanks a lot  Rick100

2. Oddbot (http://letsmakerobots.com/user/1533) for creating such a nice challenge and inspiring others.

3. R2-D2 (http://letsmakerobots.com/user/15990) for informing me about the local shop from where I bought the Servos. Thanks.

4. Birdmun(http://letsmakerobots.com/user/14021),

   Maxhirez(http://letsmakerobots.com/user/17498) they have been always there when I jumped in the shoutbox.

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This robot is really a work of art.  So very impressive.  The details that amazed me are too many to list.  Uses a pen.  Draws the board.  Can share the pen, its like a Swiss Watch.  Total congratulations on your work it is a master piece.  Thanks for showing it to us.

Very creative bot!

Thank you!

I must admit that I like your ideas a lot. Man you rock !

Nice to hear that from you.

and so simple


Aswavabik hoyeche.Thik tomar Cube solver tar moto.


Very nicely done, I will not echo all the other people who have posted but you managed to pull off a difficult task. Nice Work.