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Turn male to male jumpers into male to female jumpers easily .

How to turn a male to male jumper into male to female jumper .

What we need is a really small diameter heat shrink a lighter and a male to male jumper wire.

Just follow the photos below and you will understand ,any question can be made .

Now remove the plastic part on the one side of the jumper wire .

Now put a piece of heatshrink on the this side of the jumper wire .

Shrink it with the lighter till it is tight around the wire .

And your male to female jumper wire is ready ,safe and sound .

You can do the same thing on the other side of the jumper wire to make it female to female .

Hope you like it :)

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You can also just plug a male to male jumper (or extra long though hole header pin) into a female to female jumper if you have both. Still, I don't think it's right to try to change your jumper's sexual orientation. XD

Well I only have male to male jumpers thats why I did this one .


 don't you have hard-drive jumpers?

Anything you want they are usefull in protoyping with breadboards and other stuff.

I personally did this for the first time yesterday cause I needed some to connect my raspberry pi to my arduino .


Oh this is just great, now what am I supposed to do with all these staples?


From Make Magazine no less:

How-To: Use Staples as Breadboard Jumpers


Of course in the end they say it didn't work - guessing due to the smaller diameter...