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i shall call him.......?????....... hopeless!!!!!!!!!

navigate around with IR
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servo_sweep.txt609 bytes
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 this is my first time posting a robot. i've build 4 robots in my past. this is another project for me to learn more about writing in code. its all practice and preperation for my never ending project. a autonomous octopod. so fell free to tell me if im doing somethn wrong or if there is a better way to going about it. all coments good and bad are welcomed.. just need a few outside openions.i basically built a mintduino and put it on a pcb. im using two 9v batteries. one for the brains and sensors, and one for motors and servoes. i dont know the actual cost of build due to the fact that 85% of the stuff i already had. NOTE: the high and lows used for the continuous servoes are based on what works for my modified servoes. you may have to play around with numbers a bit to figure it out for your servoes. center and sweep are for standard servoes. i decited to redo my motor/ servo drive unit. i can now run 9v for my motors and 5v for my servoes on the same little shield using the same battery. will post pics of the new MDU later on.

im having trouble with it programming, so im going to double check everything. but its been on hold due to all the snow we have been getting.

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my UNO died.. the ftdi chip for it fried, so i cant program it. thats why i built a arduino clone. i do have a mini though. idk if i can program it my clone using the mini..... can i??


Cool looking bot. I like that you used a wooden chassis! I might have a go at that for my next project, should i ever get past this one.

thanks Maxhirez. ive been fooling with my two servoes for the 2dof head for the IR sensor, and my modified servoes for continious rotation. i will upload the sketches ive been using.

Steve... :|

idk..... that name js came to me....lol... i really dont know why....

...and also I must say that my Steve's name... also came to me... it just felt right (at least after all the complaints of the people who couldn't spell its original name :| )

Anyhow, nice build that you have going on there :) 

i was looking around at different bots on lmr and js realized that u had the first steve.. sry bout that... i honestly didnt know..

I appreciate the respect, but you can also call it Steve as far I'm concerned. One thing though, it must never be bereft of pants!

I just couldn't disappoint the shoutbox audiences :P Carry on, as you will! :)

new updated pics and i will soon put up a video dealing with testing... comming alone fast.. just waiting on my IR sensor so i can start on the final programming.

I loved the track layout.