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Walking shopping cart

Walk around and push a shopping cart

A study in automating less glamorous aspects of society.

Carlos was a college kinetic sculpture project. I was interested in the concept of automating aspects of society that were considered not so "glamorous". Robotics are often used in environments which are considered dangerous to humans. Deep sea exploration, nuclear cleanup and volcanism are some of the "higher profile" adverse environments which robots are used. My question was, "What about other dangerous or hazardous areas?". For example, homeless people live in extremely dangerous environments. Shouldn't there be automated equipment used by this strata of society? So, for this project I chose to implement an automated walking, homeless shopping cart. I imagine now, to carry this project to completion I should have given the controls to someone who was actually living on the streets near the university. There was a large homeless population near the campus, and there would have been plenty of opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to disassemble the project for parts before this happened.


More pictures here.

Krikey, not used to this wacky editor in drupal ....... alright  - i'm done....

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That's pretty cool. The walking looks surprisingly realistic considering how simple the mechanism is. But, uh... is he supposed to be on fire? :)

(I did not want to ask, if the fire was on purpose - it would say more about me and my projects than the other guy ;)

/ Fritsl


What a cool project!

One of the few times I'd be really interested in seeing what's inside a guys jeans!


/ Fritsl

It would be the exception not the rule


styrofoam & aluminum - no pictures, its an old project (1992) - i've been in hybernation for 16 years


yep, that was for dramatic effect -  this would be an example on (not intentional)



This is wonderfully disturbing and delightful all at the same time. Excellent video too!
WOW if i saw that at the store id bee like what the

why is it on fire in the video? is it supposed to be on fire?

nice btw. i like it :)