Let's Make Robots!

Idea for a robot "challenge" / event

An idea i had. Im not sure how viable it is, and it would probably need a LOT of work but here goes.

it is based around two observations

1) I was browsing Ootoob (youtube) and found some videos of the sparkfun automated vehicle challenge! Looked pretty cool, but to be fair, all the vehicles had to do was to drive around the spark fun warehouse, and dodge a few barrels. A nice idea, but surely once you done it once, a bit dull?

 2) I cannot imagine there is any budding amature roboteer who hasnt been inspired by NASAs curisosity, and its predecessors, roving thier way around far and distant lands, doing.... whatever it is rovers do!

So this i my idea:

The challenge is to make a rover, to undertake a set series of tasks (known in advance). They could be indoor or outdoor, real or simulated. not a race as that doesnt work (you will understand why in a moment) but a challenge of some sort. The robot couldbe controlled by wifi, but should be built as one would build a rover to go to mars. You cant see the rover first hand, and once it has "landed", you cant physically interfere with it.

The rovers are they posted (UPS, royal mail, other courier) to the "challenge location", and undertake the tasks via remote control, from home!

the challenge site would set up a wifi communication system on site for the robots, however add a time lag in somehow, to prevent "live control" and simulate using the bots on mars (or the moon or wherever)

or you could use 3G or similar, but the point is, if its a "live feed" it makes it a bit less fun surely?

the only data availible to the bot owners/challengers, would be google earth images or similar of the site.

obviously upon completion of the challenge, the bots get posted back (hopefully in one piece!) or better still, the owners come and collect them on a set day and a few drinks (for the over 21s/18s depending where you are) are had over the dusty, flat batteried bots.

Could be fun? (though i have a LONG way to go before i can build something to compete in this kind of event i think)

Ideas for Challenges....?

Ideas for locations....? (as in, a warehouse, a big backyard, or a massive dusty field!)

What would your bot require? (this would be location dependant of course)

  • big power supply, or constant top up off a solar panel?
  • tracks, omniwheels, wheels?
  • control methods? i image the challenge would take a few days or more, so you might want to be able to communicate with it via email or textmessage on a smartphone?


i wonder if UPS would post something this big?


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This is kind of similar to DanM's Diamond Mine challenge, except you don't have to send your robot to him.